How to make link on tab website?

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Good day!
Please help to understand the situation.
Trying to create a link to the closed tab on the page.
On the body of the page is a button leading to the tab. These tabs on the page 10 (types of equipment). All of them are locked by default, except for the first. The first tab disclosed by default.
Reference is made to open the default tab. Everything works. There is no problem.
Heat points (ITP, BITP, TSC)

Doing similar - doesn't work. Tried a lot of things, no result.
The website is written in 1сБитрикс, as ready-made units with comments and explanations. I will note that in html, js, php, css I sat for the second time in my life.
Any help would be appreciated.
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1 Answer

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Likely to have some link reports #tabs-2 and therefore does not work

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