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Whether the calculated Anima2D to work without programming?

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Hi all. Not a programmer. There is a 2D project. Want to make a few animated scenes (For the trailer to show people what is our vision of the game). For character animation I use Anima2D. Team me yet. The question is whether the calculated Anima2D to create a full animation without scripting? Yesterday I spent the day at creating such scenes, turned out pretty good, but I think I'm doing something wrong.

Let's say I want the trailer from the tree the Apple fell, and the character ran over and picked him up.

Initially, the character is waiting until the fall Apple. Apple separate bone, which spelled out the animation of falling, then the transition to Idle (Wait until the character and raise it). The character is in Idle, then comes the animation of the movement of the Apple. To move the character, make the animation by dragging the skeleton, connect the animations in the Animator. After that (this is definitely not done), he needs to pick up the Apple, and for this I am doing a new animation for Apple as it podnimatsya, at the same time the animation for the character, as he raises it. (These are two different object with different animations, so everything was in sync, calculate footage). - It seems to do it differently)))
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Well, if you could write a small script would be easier.
At the moment when the character lifts the Apple to Apple became a child of the arms with the correct offset and moved with her. Or you can prepare the object hands with Apple and then when picked up to replace your empty hand in hand with the Apple, and the Apple to hide it. But without the scripts, you can achieve the same effect, just need more time to make it look "natural"
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