Is it possible to impose a grid layout with bootstrap, but to use a separate Flex in css?

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5ae1db51d6389729298711.pngThe million - typeset layout, use the grid bootstrap ( mostly because of the convenient adaptive), and the question arose if I use the bootstrap grid, but not using the 4 built-in bootstrap classes (like justify-content-center, and so on, and the sounds of the flake is already in the css this is considered a stupid practice and bad code? Bootstrap 4 is built on the Flex, but for example in this picture below that I posted, it's easier for me to register the unit in col-3 - display: flex, and all of his daughters (div, img) to prescribe margin: auto that they was positioned on the center vertical\\horizontal than to prescribe 3-4 class in the html the grid bootstrap. It is normal practice? or cast aside kakahami?
Supposedly if typeset on bootstrap 4 - the only one.
Or I completely flake without grids
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Especially for You invented CSS Smart Grid, but there it is SASS[SCSS] know
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.row->.col-3->div style="displat: flex;"->img
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