Need advice on how to write your own Questions/Answers. Why?

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Want to experience gradually to realize the project, for example questions/answers.
Initially I wanted to just Bang the social network. Do not throw Slippers) the point is that in such projects is full of functionality that I can try to implement.

The crux of the matter: briefly, the points give the correct direction for the development of the frontend of the service. Well at least that earned spike as MVP.

Html/Css/JavaScript/NodeJs - enough? What would you recommend? Whether to use engines?

I must say, inexperienced, but curious and inquisitive. Hire specialists there is no money to test the idea. Do not clutter up the criticism/sarcasm/useless. Thank you!
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You do not indicate requirements for the interface, then at the front can be anything. Even bare HTML.

Do: take a notebook and describe in detail a service that you plan to do. There must be, what exactly will not. Describe a typical userbase, the process of register/login/search/create issue and so on. And then you look and it becomes clear that you will need to implement. And if not, then it will specifically ask how best to implement something or other.
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briefly, the points

1. describe roughly your service, neskolko lines
2. describe in as much detail as you are not lazy
3. write detailed TZ
(further points are generated based on TS)

The answers to the questions:
1. Probably you do it for a set of experiences, but how do I know
2. The database will probably need.
3. Advise another Beck, and advise for the first project to take something simpler.
4. Yeah, if you find any
5. Yes
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Take the JAPANESE, who know, or think we know. Take this JAPANESE framework which has the necessary methods out of the box.
But what methods You need here as we have all advised - write the brief, TK, prototype, etc.
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For starters, start learning algorithms and math)
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You have two options:

1) to watch as is usually done, using standard frameworks and try to make your own version.

2) invent everything myself from scratch without using someone else's code and architecture are ready, make your bike.
to guess how to do the equivalent of the toaster is easy, it's very simple app.

Learn to think for themselves and do the simple things yourself - this takes a few years of practice.

The second option gives you more possibilities because you do not depend and is not limited by.
To work in a standard template is necessary if you are ordered to do in the industry and with other coders.
If you write your own social network, my for yourself - you don't have to meet the standards, do what is convenient and easier. The threshold of entering into these is high, and this suffering is unnecessary.

Clearly understand who you're - you're all or you're on your own, you standard or alternative.

As a variant try the server, php can be easier, it has its advantages.
Node.js it is better if you need sockets to do, or the game server..
The analogue of the toaster easily done in php
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