As the engine and the browser affect what is a specification?

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There are many browsers, and there are engines. I heard that you need to not support browsers and their engines, but it is not clear how to check what the engine supports some kind of specification ?

If to support only the engine, not the browsers, it turns out that, if webkit supports what the w3c and other browsers, will automatically begin to maintain, or not ? (and here I do not quite understand How the engine and the browser affect what is the specification ?)
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Is w3c and whatwh - two offices which write specifications. The first long think and come up with something very cool for the future. Others are much more sensitive to innovations, here's the story of a canvas, for example.

There is a browser called webkit.
Webkit is one of the internal parts of the browser. If the developers of webkit added some new feature, all browsers that have inside this engine will receive this automatically as soon as I updated, of course. And those browsers where the other engine - will have to add it some other way.

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