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Tell me who tried to pass the Microsoft MCSA certificate?

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Please tell me somebody has passed Microsoft certification? Namely, the tests 70-410, 70-411, 70-412.
Much hard to pass? Is it easy to find dumps on them? How is the exam? Is it possible to spy on or easy to find the right answer to them? Is it worth to take?
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3 Answers

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Is it possible to spy


Is it worth to take?

in this case
Is it easy to find dumps on them?

Not worth it. Normally it is better to be prepared.
Dumps always have time.

Much hard to pass?

Where courses in the English master is not difficult, where half the answers in the questions.

You have what purpose? Just a piece of paper or are planning to become a MCSE, etc.

How is the exam?


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Is it hard - Yes, you want the head in addition to dumps, better control experience 2012m in the real world.
Is it easy to get the dumps - quite easy (it was), but some dumps are to be relied upon.
Whether to pass in 2014m cost, however 411й not mastered, because NAP was nowhere in reach. Now you may want to look towards the same exams, but about 2016y server.
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I tried the test course to take the exam. Then the MS was provided the opportunity.
The biggest difficulty is that it is necessary to know English very well. Well, in addition to the GUI need to know the PS cmdlets, additional built-in tools.

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