How to implement access rights to folders and files in windows?

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Hello! There is a computer class on machines running Windows 8.1, the computers United in a local network, computers are passing the different tests and need the results of tests and practical works would be uploaded to a shared folder on the instructor computer, but so that one user could not "hang" the work of another user. Ideally, it is necessary that the user does not see folder content at all, and see only those files and folders that he creates, say in the root folder it creates a folder with his name on it, and it loads your work... is it Possible to implement?
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It's absolutely standard way of working in the corporate network.
In mind to raise HELL and that on each computer the users had worked on their (unique) name. Possible without AD, but users still need to have unique on each computer. Also in this case, you will need all the users computers students duplicate the teacher's computer with the same password.
1.In shared directory create a separate folder for each user.
2.For each user folder:
2.1.Break inheritance rights.
2.2.Give full rights for the teacher, the administrator and the user of this folder.
2.3.Other users and groups and remove (you can leave the System).
In the end, each student will be able to work only with his folder, the teacher will see all the folders.

PS: for teachers, if there are several and they will work under their own uchetku better to have a group and assign rights for the group. Group for students will also be useful, for example, that would give her read permissions on the shared directory (which are user subdirectories), but not necessarily.
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Perhaps it is possible under Linux on Samba 3.0 did that. Under Windows it is difficult to implement due to the limited settings of shared folders. But you can play with the access rights - as a minimum each company should have its own user(plus all the users on the server and each has a unique password - or to set up a domain). Each user has its own directory where it has write access and the other has no access. To hide the password from the user - you can configure the autologin and disable screen saver and sleep mode(where you can ask the password again).
PS ideally to put the system to test - not to reinvent the wheel.
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In NTFS, you can specify access rights to "entry" in the directory access rights read from the directory.
Record your result students will be able to consider someone else - no. And your count after the file was closed.
Either create a folder for each student in the individual, with access rights only for the teacher and the student - so all will be according to the standard.
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All the way! Did (separate users, separate folders, access only to its folder and so on), but Woe to the teachers of computer science is too hard! The easiest option is to open a folder just for the record, but they didn't like that flooded the file, the student sees that the file has filled as rights to view (read) no, short tight teacher student does not want. Thank you all for the answers! Not only that I offered, already reached NextCloud, it's complicated, there's no time to understand...
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The easiest option AD with a free domain based on LDAP, see the side zential (the old version was not only a trial, but free)
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