What is the script to work with database via the Web?

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To work always need some lists, such as registers of contracts or a list of shipments or statistics on advertising channels, etc. Need a php script that allows you to work with the database via the web interface(about this plan prntscr.com/jaoi29). I am sure that such things are either finished or semi-finished is, tell me how are called?
Want to know how:
-search and sort (like AutoFilter in Excel)
-configure access rights for different users
-edit the values in the list(i.e. not to click on line and change in the drop-down window, and just like in Excel)
-ability to change the order of columns, enable/disable unnecessary.
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phpMyAdmin and similar?
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It is called CRM for online store.
That is, if there is anything you need from scratch.

If the base is already there - it is only in order to write.
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Will not say whether there is a ready solution and it is possible that my sentence is not very good, but it can also be done using DataTables. https://datatables.net
It is possible to drag the columns (as specified by you in the screenshot), and reactivate content (as in popups, and without, a search, etc.
The only thing you need to write a script in PHP that will load the data from DB and create the table (or tables). + will need to track changes in the table and if there are changes, submit them back to the database.
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