The iMac late 2012 is slow. What could be the problem?

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Good day,
In General, the problem is that insanely slow iMac late 2012.
All you need to know:
  • Slowly open the programs;
  • Slow Finder (copying, deleting files etc);
  • The operating system is loaded the normal time, not long;
  • Disk check did not reveal any errors (even to check bad sectors);
  • Though the computer is quite old, the former owner, in addition to watching movies and listening to music of various heavy operations the hard disk is not loaded;
  • As computer 10 out of 10, it did not drop, did not beat;
  • I'm not talking about extreme programs, but this iron is smooth and the speed just OS and light programs must ensure that is not in practice;
  • A month ago everything worked fine, after one day when the OS will not load to 100 percent load when you turn on the computer. After a clean installation with formatting the drive and installing the OS without third-party native, and native OSes all began.


Operating system fresh, immediately after resetting (was done a couple of times), so possible options on the "trash" in the system are rejected. In fact, except for a couple of triples of programs on the computer there is nothing.

I have a hunch, because of a weak hard disk speed. Will installing the OS on an external SSD drive to fix the slow OS in terms of performance (I'm not a fool), and the total download speed of software and OSes?
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Almost always the fault of the slow old computers is that HDD. Broken Senatorov may not be, but if a lot of slow sectors, you will work slowly.

Will installing the OS on an external SSD drive to fix the slow OS

If the blame for the screw - then of course it will help, but why external?

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