As for Wordpress Woocommerce to set title?

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The problem is this: when I go to the directory you put the title "Goods - name of the site", you need to replace "Products" in his word.
And, when you come into the category, the title is untitled site, although detalke product name is.

Is the plugin Yoast SEO, and through him, found how to set only the title in detalke the directory but not in the category and not in the main directory.

How can I solve my problem?
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Good day!
To control the title Yoast SEO through plugin settings and / or in the panel edit page, item, record, etc.
Go to SEO - Titles, and metadata Taxonomies
In the Entries tab -

If you want to otredaktirovat "breadcrumbs" created using Yoast SEO for vukomeric, a link to a resource
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