Required confidentiality forms?

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On the website in the footer there is a signature "Leaving your personal data, you accept the privacy Agreement" link to this same policy.
1. Mandatory if this information is to write in forms?
2. If information is to write in forms, do I need to check?
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Federal law "On personal data" dated 27.07.2006 No. 152-FZ
Article 9. The consent of personal data subject to the processing of personal data:
1. The subject of personal data takes the decision on granting his / her personal data and gives consent to the processing of their freely of their own will and in their interest. Consent to personal data processing must be specific, informed and conscious. Consent to the processing of personal data may be given by personal data subject or his representative in any allowing to confirm the receipt of the form
3. The obligation to provide proof of obtaining the consent of personal data subject to the processing of personal data or proof of the grounds specified in clauses 2 - 11 of part 1 of article 6, paragraph 2 of article 10 and paragraph 2 of article 11 of this Federal law is entrusted to the operator.

To sum up: the note in the footer does not allow to provide all this because it is not possible to prove that the user has seen this note.

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