How best to mark up blocks of different heights in Bootstrap (layout for Wordpress)?

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Sorry for my amateurish question:

Is the site layout such a plan:5ae2dff5e8079424818578.jpeg

All the blocks located on the site grid, each block height is equal to or x, or 2x, or 3x, the width is also - y, or 2y.

Trying to make Bootstrap, but because of the altitude, bootstrap locates the 4th unit is not under 2, and under the first with a new line.

Tell me how to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Update-addition to the question: what kind of layout would be more appropriate, given that in the future the layout will be migrated to Wordpress and to allow the user himself to add the blocks to your choice with single or double height/width?
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Try to break it into multiple row


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