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How can I compare/merge projects Visual Studio?

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Good day!

There are 2 projects on ASP MVC with same management rights and users (the same View, Controllers, Models). There are differences in the business logic, but in terms of user management they intersect.

The control subsystem users is being finalized and can be used in other projects. I want to change the subsystem management users have been made in other projects that use this subsystem.

This is a project ASP MVC I can't take it and just place it in a separate dll, and then update the reference from using it projects.
I want to find a way to compare 2 projects in Visual Studio, find and see the differences and to postpone/cancel the appropriate changes. Something similar is in 1C, it is possible to compare/merge 2 configurations.

Is there something similar in Visual Studio?
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I'm also a former odinesnik and also initially suffered from lack of certain features in VS.
Unfortunately, the built-in comparison putilovo not found.
A handy tool for this is in EmEditor is a pretty intelligently compares two similar file and highlight differences.

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