The Association of the network for Mikrotik and several VPN networks for Kerio Control?

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Good day,

Please help with advice for the first time faced with microtia, enjoyed a popular article, network for Mikrotik and several VPN networks for Kerio Control,

the network diagram is exactly the same screen 001,
in Kerio Central 11.1 prescribed in the VPN tunnel the local subnet for example 20.0/24, Mikrotik she Policies appeared. As prescribed NAT on that subnet over the masquerade. But unfortunately it doesn't ping this subnet. The tracert command is further then have lost.

Another question, Mikrotik can be done as an asset? Kerio is why it connects easily when Mikrotik passive checked, and Vice versa does not work.
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Eventually made through the l2tp connection. Works.
the guide of the court, KERIO've created an interface, l2tp and connected.

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