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FreePBX XMPP server listening port for ipv6 how to focus on ipv4?

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Here I'm not strong in node.js from the word at all, especially when it comes to components that still need to get through a pile of dependencies of this node.

The server is raised from FreePBX Distro 14, it has in addition to the XMPP module. While digging in Google, found out that this module is a module lets-chat which is pretty poorly documented, it runs on top of the module node-xmpp-server to receive only port, and domain name, that is, I can't see (without digging into the guts of nodes) how to make lets-chat to create a ipv4 socket? Enough just disable ipv6 in the settings centos7 everywhere, or not? (I would not like to do in General, but for now, ipv6 on this server, still don't need)
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Hmm. In module lets-chat is not completely transferred to the list of options in the direction of the node-xmpp server, namely, is not passed any value of the parameter host, which is inside node-xmpp-server has a default value of "::" i.e. ipv6 for all interfaces. Added hands in the code, the transmission parameter the host working.

One of two things: either the error was fixed a long time, and I just got a distro with an error in the file, with diff nodes not patcher file a bug, or nobody uses a built-in XMPP server freepbx. It's a shame.

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