How to use html5 (video) in a jsf application?

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Good afternoon.
Design view

Works great, when run on Apache server. It's all good.
But, when I insert the same in design .xhtml file

It only appears an empty square the player, the bottom of which button is play time 0:00 and the gray bar the scroll bar.
How to overcome - not clear :(
PS. File sure available. Throw it in the webapp directory. If instead the name of the test.xhtml to substitute the name of the file it downloaded....
ZYY. If it is important - the application server - wildfly11
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1 Answer

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I've held a pack of experiences, and do not understand anything.
if you specify a path on another server, and not on wildfly , and standing next to Apache, all is super video is shown. But if the link goes to wildfly , bummer. and I tried already different ways to specify:

None of these options work - and the file available for download... And that's where to dig?

PS. The issue was resolved. The video file, give not directly, but through the thread, because actually it was planned. Thus works. Just as the addition in web.xml mime type for mp4 was not enough.

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