How to organize an online broadcast with multiple smartphones?

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Hello. There is a problem.
In several cities simultaneously with the event. Want to organize Vkontakte stream, with want as the Director of the broadcast to switch between these cities and comment on what is happening.
What I have at the moment came:

1. Rent a VPS with Ubuntu, to put nginx and nginx-rtmp-module
2. Put on a smartphone app streamer that can stream to the rtmp server address which I specify.
3. On the computer put the software to broadcast OBS. He can catch the stream from the Internet and I'm taking with rtmp server signal. And then I have OBS send a signal to VK and directing the stream as you want.

With one smartphone I figured out, it worked.
Now the question is: how to make and what to configure in ngnix.config to do the same with several smartphones, and then in OBS to pick up more signals?
Maybe I should talking about the garden and all you can do to make it easier?
The problem is that I just yesterday for the first time put Linux, open a terminal, rented vps and other pleasures of life, so maybe something obvious can't be finished, but I feel that I have to step away from a successful setting. Please help :)
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Not bad for yesterday to put Linux.
Share with each smartphone different streams (with different names). Accordingly, you will have different links that you will be able to take in OBS.
Overall you have a good and importantly free and opensource decision.
Make sure that you have enough channel(K OBS, for guarantee the the stream bitrate*2*number of threads) and CPU(i.e. it doesn't have to be absolutely miserable VPS) and the Internet from smartphones should be fairly stable. Oh and be sure to pre-test the day before and an hour before broadcast. In any case, provide backup like citrusy.
Good luck.

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