What "Clusters" in Unity?

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For the second day struggling with the article on the lighting on off. the Unity website, but my English can't cope with it understanding. Who can explain what clusters are and what they eat?

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but you have to understand thoroughly what is it?? then I'm sorry you still sit and sweat with the translation.)
if in practice you can only so to say "density" of the cluster to affect in the LightSettings.

In fact..this is additional information about the scene. These "clusters" laid out on ierarhii information. with the help of her(not only based on it) the baking of light and realtime miscalculation.
mentioned here for example that due to the hierarchy of information on the "clusters" you can define which blocks to realtime require pereproshit at the moment, so as not to count all the extra time loading percent.

In General, as mentioned earlier, in unity you can just change the "density" and not to create and specify anything(and it is not usually required - but it must take into account that I expect more from the experience of mobile development and this is baking , not realtimevegas light)

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