How to safely migrate to Yosemite on the High Sierra?

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All suits me in Mavericks, but Chrome the other day, I was told that more will not be updated on this OS, Mozilla went to the "down" and other software that are updated by developers is already installed. Go does not want, but this is the situation that, apparently, it is this time and for this reason have a few questions:

  1. Installed a bunch of software, you will have to make his little list and after the installation of Sierra all over again to reinstall or reinstall only what does not work under the new OS?

  2. Do backups of important data on the disk and then "pour" them or all where was there to stay?

  3. Better do a complete reinstall with deletion of all that is to not have any errors and everything worked as expected or to do a normal update and everything will be as it should be?

  4. I figure that out later, but maybe someone of you had experience of migrating from Mavericks on Sierra — hungry it is Mavericks or not?

  5. How long will be updated with a bunch of soft long or there is no difference?
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All without problems is updated. Not noticed a difference in the brakes after the upgrade, unlike a clean install. Had to update the software, but this is the norm)

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