What can you do with a computer with full access?

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For example, the computer went to some bad people. That could be done for the future of surveillance? What options are there for that would from this theoretical surveillance to get rid of? Will a simple OS reinstall with formatting the HDD? What about a virus in the BIOS?
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The viruses in the BIOS - it's flowers.
Bad people can teach your computer to drink, smoke or swear - and nothing can change it, even formatting the HDD.
Due to the fact that I was already a declared Troll, I want to give an alternative answer.
  1. I'll note that it applies only to so-called "standard PC", on other architectures (e.g. ARM, MIPS), or with other loaders (e.g. Mac, Chromebook), you might be different.
  2. At the moment, for the initial loading of the computer used firmware UEFI. If you do not zapadlo to dig work on the ancient stuff with the BIOS - in this case, I refer you to specialists.
  3. The ability now to modify UEFI is, and the bad people trying to hurt you certainly have mastered it.
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