How to correctly configure the app.config in VisualStudio, when using GIT?

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The project is a WPF desktop application.
It 3 files prescribed local path to the servers/files on each machine programmers they are different:
the contents of the file
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>Test a path to a local file while developingThe path to the local server during development
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2 Answers

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This question is more organizational.
Suggested solutions:
1. Give the programmers on the cap, because you refuse to turn your head.
2. To make a single custom config
2.1 Make a test remote server that looks on the config.
3. Locally on the computer operator has the right to do anything, provided that it does not fall to the repository and does not harm the surrounding
4. For the mess in the code, making mess, failure to include head - anal punishment and mass executions.
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As an option: the portion of config, which spells out all sorts of path, make a separate file. But mostly the config just use the link on this file. Then you need to each of the developers have excluded this file (assume paths.config) from the Gita updates with git update-index --skip-worktree paths.config. Now this file can be changed locally and the changes to treatise will not.
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