Which router to choose for the office?

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Itself in networks and equipment boom-boom (yet), but the task was set, to do, to ask. Need the router for office with the following introductory
- 19`
- number of employees ~50
- wi-fi needed
- the uplink is currently one (100mbs), it is expected soon second channel for redundancy
inside there is a public web server with an average attendance (~100 requests per minute, the attendance will grow)
- you need a VPN-channel with another organization, which will run mainly the traffic replication database
preferably sootvetstvie the normative (FSTEC), as the organization budget
- for the same reason Cisco is not considered likely at all, because the sanctions showdown
budget around 120-150 thousand rubles, plus or minus.
upd. forgot
- traffic filtering (for example the prohibition of torrents)

Thanks in advance, if you're some sort of infa - complement
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Your tasks will approach https://mikrotik.com/product/rb1100ahx4 without certificates FSTEC. From RB3011UiAS-RM, which encouraged Alexander Karabanov, performance differs slightly. The main technical difference is the hardware sifrovanie IPsec (up to 2Гбит/s). You only have replication to drive on VPN, so rb1100 may be unnecessary.

Certified Check Point 4000 series https://www.checkpoint.com/ru/products/4000-appliances/
Himself these devices are not used, but the feedback from colleagues is very convenient, including when you want to block a variety of resources.
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