How to remove a block from a Json response?

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myrequest = json.loads(x) r =, json=myrequest) result = r.json() #

Get the answer like this:
[{u aa': 11, u price': {u 'max':11, u 'min': 4}}]
From the response I should throw away the key price, but the problem is that it is the following code complains that it can't work with unicodename dictionaries, so you need or a dictionary to make not-unikalnym, or understand how unnecessary the unit is otherwise cut.
for e in result[0]: print(e) if 'price' in e: del e['price']
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and why loop through the dictionary? (result[0] you have a dictionary and not a list)
you can just
if 'price' in result[0].keys(): del result[0]['price]

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