How to fix linking files C++ in VS 2017(LNK2005)?

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There is a problem in VS 2017 with an error of linking files (LNK2005), will attach screenshots for clarity.
In the project 3 files:
  • MyForm.the. h file of the form C++\\CLI, here I'm doing #include "source.cpp" that probably falls here also use the methods of interaction with the form of type openFileDialog, etc.
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1. In *.h files should only be the headers of the functions and declaring global variables.

2. *.cpp files do not write in #an include macro, Oh ( they only write *.h)*.cpp are compiled separately and then the resulting object files linkouts together into a single executable.

3. To avoid the inclusion of several times the same file, use #ifndef:
// file MyForm.h #ifndef __MYFORM__ #define __MYFORM__ // here the contents of the file #endif
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