Where junuh to test tasks?

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Under the spoiler is my understanding of the problem.

In my opinion, there is a problem: newbies don't get the test tasks "to" start of communication with the employer. Consequently, many are not confident in their abilities and worried that if I start to "break" for the vacancy, while for a long time doing TK interest of the employer will fade away.

There is definitely a problem with getting feedback from HR/specialist about problem. That is, very often, just no response. Of course the "resolution" of each parse and answer on the shelves - it is work, but for the Juneau situation: I don't write because "everything is bad". Although you can not write, simply because position is already closed, and the job is not removed.
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Here's just a sea of test tasks: https://github.com/Hexlet/ru-test-assignments
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It turned out that a convenient place a list of jobs was a response from Maxim Zaitsev
So it became clear that the creation of TK and subsequent analysis at the moment no one does except for me, so I add an answer myself.

Here there are assignments and analysis. Will be updated.

Task 1 (already dismantled)
Task 2 (will be disassembled at the end of may)

p.s. links are to github, so I hope the moderators will not be claims.
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For test tasks need something more complicated. A simple real world app.

For example, a simple Weather App:
1. The search string cities(you can use e.g. Google APIs):
2. Search result with the weather.
3. A list of saved cities.
4. Weather at the current position.
For weather you can use the API in any service(such as OWM API).
The application design more complicated, there in addition to the blunt of the work with API libraries will have to design.
You can use routing, but you can do without it. And a number of problems, the solution of which the newcomer will have to think:
1. The application structure
2. Working with API
3. Implementation of the search string
4. Exception handling( no communication, rejected the use of geolocation)
5. Layout
When this project will come to life and work as intended is, of course, will bring people joy and confidence.

It is also possible to implement the Dashboard, but it is more difficult and requires a backend or use the public test API like Star Wars API
Still it is possible to implement a simple client for any service. For example, the search and play video from Youtube.

IMHO very simple tasks, of course you can show knowledge of the API of a particular library, but if the candidate has the skills necessary for a Junior Developer they don't reflect. A Junior Developer should be able to solve precisely the task with explanations and recommendations on its solution.
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The problem is far-fetched
Tasks full
To do the task and then leave it dormant on github = minus the interview

PS: Links that are not on github = they will not care
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On interviews)
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If You are interested in jobs algorithms, and can recommend hackerrank.
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View https://www.codewars.com/ - then you can practice in the solution of tasks of different types in any programming languages and SQL dialects. Also, after solve the problem, you can see other people's solutions and compare with your.
Also option (but already paid) - find the courses interesting to the programming language https://www.coursera.org/ or https://www.datacamp.com or https://www.pluralsight.com. Will be both theory and practice. And they will have to deal with parsing and analyzing other people's code. After successful completion of the course in any of the resources can add it to your profile https://www.linkedin.com/.

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