How to configure domain on multiple IP addresses?

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Faced with the blocking of our servers on DigitalOcean.
Was the site by type nodejs application in conjunction with nginx.

Now the server address is blocked in Russia, so the domain does not give the website on the territory of Russia.
Is there any way to make users not from Russia continued to work with the locked server (so ping was good), but users from Russia through the same domain appeared on the Russian working-VPS IP.

The website may not work in cluster mode, so that might suit some tricky balancer or keepalived.
Use CloudFlare for DNS management.
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GeoDNS patch for Bind install and distribute GEO.
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Google geo-dns services - they allow you to give different ip addresses to the clients from different countries. Just delegate the domain to this service, specify in the settings of the country and need the ip, and everything works.

If you are ready to raise their dns server, the first message is the answer.
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You still block the website in Russia which is DigitalOcean?
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