How to submit the form after n-seconds?

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There is a form on the website, which is filled automatically using jquery for payment type yandex/qiwi/wm/paypal. How can I warn the user before submitting the form? And is it possible for the timer to send?

p.s. the option Document.location is not suitable, because the post method
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How can I warn the user before submitting the form?

Display a modal window before submitting, for example:
if(confirm('Send form')) form.send();
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$('form').on('submit', function(event) { event.preventDefault(); // kill the event(data not sent) var form = this; console.log('do validation of the fields'); console.log('or hang timeout'); console.log('or show something to the user'); console.log('doing anything'); form.submit(); // and then send the data });
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