What kind of error (TS) Member 'rows' implicitly has an 'any[]' type.?

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Which day I struggle with Angular and TypeScript.

Here I downloaded the module ngx-datatable to Angular from github, copied the app folder.
And immediately got a wall of errors.

The same error was when connecting the modules to React, the same types were not.

I have smart people suggested that in case of such failure it is necessary in the code to determine the type.
But if it is my code in-house. Then I copied the third-party module does not appeal to him, it is unlikely the developer assumed that additionally it is necessary to define the types.

Please tell me at least which side to approach such problems? And interested in not only the model ngx-datatable, but rather a General approach. With other modules analogichnaya situation, only copy the module - have sheet errors. You may need to install some modules? But if so, where to watch the missing modules.
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Excuse me, but why are you "downloading" and "copying"? After all, you have to use any package Manager to work with packages. It when you install ustawic and type and everything else. In addition, it is not clear what you have going on in tsconfig, in the sense that it is not clear which directories are included.

So now it looks extremely not true and for us it is like guessing...

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