Assessment the 4.7, what to do?

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Hi, took the test on the website and received a score of 4.7. To be honest, I tried a variety of options: change the hosting, I wrote a bunch of lyrics, but still above the 4.7 I was not raised. In SpamAssasin gives this:
The famous spam filter SpamAssassin. Rating: -4.3.
The rating below 5 is considered spam.
-0.001 HTML_MESSAGE HTML included in message
Don't worry if we expect to receive HTML version of email message
-1.996 MIME_HEADER_CTYPE_ONLY 'Content-Type' found without required MIME headers
-1.105 MIME_HTML_ONLY Message only has text/html MIME parts
You need to add a text version of the email (text/plain)
0.001 SPF_HELO_PASS SPF: HELO matches SPF record
0.001 SPF_PASS SPF: sender matches SPF record
Great! Your SPF is valid
-0.1 SUBJECT_NEEDS_ENCODING Subject is encoded but does not specify the encoding
-1.105 SUBJ_ILLEGAL_CHARS Subject: has too many raw illegal characters

What needs to be corrected in the text, please tell me.
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The message has a Content-Type header, but there is no associated headers. Add a header the MIME-Version and/or Content-Transfer-Encoding with the correct values.

If the message has an HTML part, it is recommended that it was similar in content to PLAIN-part. Make a multipart-email.

In the headers the only allowed characters are 7-bit ASCII part. All other characters must be encoded, e.g. using Base64. The body of the letter, all characters must match the encoding specified in the Content-Type header.
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Nothing, SpamAssassin indicates that in the body too much html and not enough text.
in the subject line - the wrong symbols...all this nonsense

You are trying to adapt to someone else's server with your settings, you do not need.
Normally you have all the letters, don't worry. A test of Yandex and Google is? If Yes, then exhale and continue the configuration.

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