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Three offices, three Mikrotik, two ISP at the head office and the vpn. how does all this tie?

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Good afternoon.
There is a head office with two providers with a white ip address.
There are two branches that need to connect via vpn to the main office.
Everywhere there are Mikrotik.
How to configure the network, that at falling of one provider in the head office vpn switched on him?
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2 Answers

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Two operators at the Central office so two public IP addresses. Here immediately and build two tunnels with each of the addresses to each branch. Not sure what you have there will be further routing (static, ospf, bgp), but make it two of the same route through the various tunnels, and the main through one of them. When will crash one operator, one vpn drops, the route through it will be lost, traffic will go through another.
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The easiest (pptp):

Most proper (ipsec):

+ Routing
(I would prefer in this configuration, an elaborate statics)
For example, BGP

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