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What does this code mean?

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Trying razobratsa in the code and don't quite understand what it means
export class DashboardUsersComponent extends AbstractDashboardCard implements OnInit { constructor(private injector: Injector) { super(injector.get(DashboardCard.metadata.NAME), injector.get(DashboardCard.metadata.ROUTERLINK), injector.get(DashboardCard.metadata.ICONCLASS), injector.get(DashboardCard.metadata.COLS), injector.get(DashboardCard.metadata.ROWS), injector.get(DashboardCard.metadata.COLOR)); }

In this case, gives us this inheritance of this abstract class? What is it? what you can do in the future with this ?
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2 Answers

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Apparently this allows for static typing to understand that working with any card on the Dashboard, you can obtain it the following properties
But in General for compliance with the PLO
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Inheritance of an abstract class allows you to inherit common properties, and to override them and specify their concrete implementation in the class DashboardUsersComponent. In this case, you need to watch the class AbstractDashboardCard.

The same code is called in the constructor of the parent abstract class using super and it injectorauto data injector.get

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