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Why when connecting to a particular WiFi hotspot not working iptables rules?

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My iptables rules prohibit any outgoing traffic:

iptables --flush iptables --delete-chain iptables-t nat --flush iptables-t nat --delete-chain iptables-P OUTPUT DROP

It's always worked except recently when I switched to Wi-Fi at a café nearby. When you connect to their point I is available Internet even with these firewall rules. Checked everything several times. Deleted the rule, created them again, reinstalled the firewall, rebooted PC, etc. All to no avail.

Then I came home, connected to home WiFi and everything is OK, all traffic is blocked, Internet is not working as it should be.

I the wrong color to understand the mechanics of the networks? Where to look why this is happening?
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1 Answer

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1) Enough to post the same question
2) IPv6

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