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How to make expression trigger for Zabbix?

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Good day!

There is a trigger that is triggered under certain conditions. And the status is "problem" to distraction, as an "emergency" conditions continue to persist.

Is it possible to do to the trigger is switched to "resolved" if the issue is hanging for, for example, 72 hours?

What was tried:

1. Expression recovery does not work, since the expression problem remains "in force".
2. Manipulation of {TRIGGER.VALUE}=0 and {TRIGGER.VALUE}=1 - trigger begins to "flapt". That is, trigger constantly goes from "OK" status "problem".
3. The function "avg" and "min/max" for the last N hours not working. The evaluation of this values takes place only at the time of a trigger when the value is "emergency". After N hours after trigger, counting is not performed, the trigger remains in a state of "problem".
4. Function "nodata" for the last N hours not working. The fact that the data is collected every minute by an agent.
5. Function change - that is, to respond if the value has changed and Vice versa - not to react if the value has not changed. Not perfect, as in this case, the trigger hangs not more than a minute, they don't have time to react. Need to hung 72 hours.

Need expression in a kind: if OperStatus = 2; if OperStatus = 2 for 72 hours and more - a solution to the problem.

Thank you very much for Your help!
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2 Answers

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As usual it is difficult to explain the monitoring system =) that is bad is good :))
if the status of only 2
{TRIGGER.VALUE}=0 and Oper status change and {TRIGGER.VALUE}=1 and Oper status Aug (72 hours)=2

something like this perhaps

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Helped the following solution:

1. If the trigger fires the ramp, then the expression is added "and the ladder.nodata(259200)=0".
That is, if the ladder comes not 72 hours, the trigger will go into OK state.

2. If the trigger is triggered not by the ladder, then helped me line "delta(259200)=1".
That means that in 72 hours the difference between min and max value = 1 (change), then the problem.
Accordingly, if within 72 hours delta = 0 (no change), the trigger will go into OK state.

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