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How to export data from MS Access?

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Could you please solve the following question:
There are about 10 tables in Access with daily data since 1990, which are updated daily with new data.
How can I make a Mysql table in automatic mode daily updated with new data from the corresponding Access tables?

If I had to only update one table in Mysql, it would not be difficult, but when there are more 10 - it's wrong.

Please give me advice how to do it...
Thank you in advance!
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3 Answers

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It's not exactly what you need.
We are talking about independent with no direct ties tables in access and mysql. Ie in mysql has a table that is automatically updated with new records from access.

In other words, if someone deletes aksenovsky database, all data will still be in mysql.

Perhaps as a solution to this issue, you can use the mysql event.
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It remains only to consider the opposite scheme: when data is stored directly in the mysql tables linked to access. And even though amudalavalasa accessasia files. :).
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