What Wordpress plugin you need to install to change the editor of the post?

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Recently began a blog on wordpress.com it was all fine, except for the prices. So without thinking twice I bought a domain, hosting and installed my own copy of WP. There are still more wonderful, in addition to fucking text editor. On wp.com he looked like telegra.ph or a new editor in LJ, or editor Vkontakte, so right now a lot of where this editor is found.

The WordPress Version Is 4.9.5. I do not understand how to formulate the search query: the words write, post, editor find in the search not what you need. Is there any plugin that changes the interface of writing the post? Or maybe a setting somewhere cunning?

Clarification: I need an editor like the above sites and not any other.
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As I understand you need a simple text editor, like on LJ or at the Telegraph office.

1) https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-front-end-editor/
2) editor Gutenberg
Information https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/
3) it is not quite that, but the truth is, the most famous editor for VP
4) https://wordpress.org/plugins/front-end-editor/

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