How to change the map style to apply to navigation?

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Hello! The task is to draw maps to navigate. Because to draw each card in accordance with the exact scale manually — bad job, decided to look for the services with the help of which you can change the color palette, and other stylistic parameters of the card.
Found such as:
"APIs Google Maps Styling Wizard",
"Snazzy Maps",
The problem is that these options are only suitable for web design, issued only kml/kmz, json, and other code, which is not able to work. Tried this software as "SASplanet", there is impossible to cut the map to the required formats and scales, save in the required file type, but how to change the color palette or to connect the map style, I do not understand. Is there software or a service that can apply the card and cut the whole thing?
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2 Answers

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you need a "vector tiles" for them to make their own style and render the image in the browser client from the same tog mapbox. minus more load on the client browser and as a consequence braking.
the application can take a type library mapsforge (java).

sasplanet only works with raster tiles, ie with a ready picture.
we can tie own generator raster map tiles with their own style ??
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And you have received written permission from Google? The customer of this work is unlikely to be pleased with your decision to use Google maps.
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