How to send emails through WordPress?

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Is your email template (HTML)
Is WordPress

Need a newsletter to carry out (not automatic) via WordPress
How can I improve? Plugin or to write?

The user needs to go, just change the text in the letter and press the button send
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2 Answers

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Usually for sending letters you must have the recipient list. Accordingly, you need some widget to collect subscriptions for the newsletter. There are ready solutions in the form of a plugin
For example, MailChimp -
Or another plugin

It is also possible to use ACF to collect mail and send email (you will need knowledge of PHP, code trip, html, css, js).

You can write your own plugin or mu plugin... depends.
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Database mail to send the fix, and it is up to 500 people, the "subscription" is not needed
I need a plugin in which I grosanu html template and tell someone to send
the client will come - will change the text and a few images , press the button and all will be quite

everything I've found has a lot of settings that don't need anyone, and therefore ask that it may be easier to write?

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