How to calculate the sum of values for each cell in alternating 100 cells?

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There are alternating rows where the text is. I need to calculate the amount of completed rows (the COUNTA function) for each color. What is the best way to implement?

Comes to mind a stupid addition COUNTA, but these cells more than 100, so this option is not very pleasant to me :)

Still can be stupid to divide total amount by 2, but would like a more accurate solution.

Thanks in advance.
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2 Answers

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You can add another column that will be checked in the original text.

For green:

For blue:

Copy the formula to the entire column.

For counting use the function COUNIF:
=COUNTIF(C3:C52;"green") =COUNTIF(C3:C52;"blue")
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What's the color at all? SUM(B1:B5), SUM(B6:B10)...
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