Is it possible to work with String.prototype?

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Good afternoon.

Let's say I want the function fn () that can be applied like this:
console.log('Hello'.fn()) //HelloolleH

Never occurred anything better than:
String.prototype.fn = function() { return this + this.split(").reverse().join("); }

Question: is this the right way to deal with String.prototype, and if not, how such to implement?
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2 Answers

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Tip for the future, don't touch never the prototypes of String, Array of it.d. If you must, then it is better to create a class, but in the original prototypes do not go better.
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Question from the category of "can I ride clinging to the back of the tram"

Do the laws of physics do not forbid you this. But it is inconvenient, unsafe, and the police will swear.

And with the modification of the original prototypes, all technically it can be done, but it's not a good idea for everyday use.

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