How to extend the new hard disk?

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Read the overclockers muddy there are different with the changing value of car Parking for 'cunning capitalist pigs' have thought of doing frequent Parking in 8-12 seconds, a cycle which only 400-600тысяч times. Others write is nonsense.
What is true for the extension of the work of the railway?
What are tools and technologies to improve the parameters influencing the lifetime of storage devices based on the principles of magnetic read/write?
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How to extend the new hard disk?
To operate in normal mode.
In any case, during operation, the disc wears out and eventually fails, like any mechanism, but it is important to exclude the main points of which are detrimental affect on his work.
There are three main factors which strongly affect the duration of the work -
  • Vibration and shocks. Isolate the drives from vibration sources such as fans and disks, do not kick the system unit foot to the music playing in your head, do not drop from the table of servers and disk shelves.
  • Temperature.Maintain normal temperature. Normally it's not too low and not too high, and most importantly, without abrupt changes.
  • Power supplyQuality food without pulsations, and surges, if you have a bad PSU, it is likely that the disks will breathe packs.

Any of these factors can very quickly bring the disk down.
But this is not an exhaustive list - there's more humidity, dustiness, pressure, etc. they influence not less strong, just less common.

So it very much depends on the load. The car that a couple of times a month go to the store will last much longer than a car driver.
The same with the hard drive.
Severe damage is caused by frequent switching on and off, frequent reading in small data blocks.

If for your task the HDD has to work constantly under a heavy random access to small blocks - you need to understand that in this case, the disk is a consumable item and needs replacing once a year and a half.

Regarding Parking - Parking is a mechanism used to increase the duration of the work.
So the Park is necessary, the only question is how often - in some cases, it makes sense to Park in a second layup, in some cases, after ten hours of inactivity.
It depends solely on the mode of eksluatatsii HDD.

Also very important to choose the disk for the task - if you buy for example the green series WD - we must understand that these drives are designed for archival storage, and they are required to Park immediately after the cessation of stress, and in any case should not work in the conditions of intensive reading small blocks.
And if you put on it the OS, or database - it is not necessary to complain to the manufacturer.

It should also be understood that the duration of the disk does not affect data integrity and nothing to do with that.

But in General everything is simple - buy a disc, it has a warranty if it fails during the warranty, you will change it for free. By the end of the warranty period, the disk is charged.

Something like that.
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Yes, easier to score, given the fact that the main operation critical is a turn off , a current it is necessary the emphasis is on the eternal work , UPS and a good power supply is really to extend the work only inside a computer.
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Unfortunately, by the time becomes clear to the reliability of a particular model of disk, they already disappear from the market. On the merits, briefly:
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Watch "price lists", choose a few suitable models from different manufacturers, go to the Internet (on the same overclockers, but better .ua) and read information about specific models, I think, go buy it.

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