Docker vs Vagrant for local development?

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Learn virtualization, and asked some questions. To use vagrant (homestead). All hosts spun one dev usually. But then started to learn Docker, given very difficult, but I feel maybe he is very cool, because Docker is a wonderful fayloobmenniki. As I understand it, the main point is that I can configure and then run the project completely at any place without setting up the environment.. But in this case, there is a sense in agrante generally, if in the end, ideally, one must still configure the project Docker is that it was portable? Or vagrant still more convenient and easier for local development?
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Correct to speak about comparison of vagrant and docker compose. If you have a fully production using Docker, you definitely need to use docker-compose, if not, then it may be different. In any case, it is easier to start with vagrants, and healthier. So I recommend.

p.s. On Hexlite we have written many guides on various subjects, including docker, vagrant, virtualization and all that: Beginners will be useful.
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It is different technology for different purposes.

If your application is designed to work inside containers (for kubernetes, for example), then of course, it is better to use docker compose.

But not every app has been developed, some in Docker without ugly spikes not to stick, especially if violations of the principles of the 12 factors a lot.
And then it turns out more convenient to use vagrant, but the meaning is the same: portable customized environment, one piece of the project.

Laravel Homestead kills the whole point of vagrant (independence of the runtime configuration storage performance together with let - all gone). Apparently the developers of laravale wanted to hypenate in the fashion word, but are unable to understand the technology.

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