How to change the area without changing the text in photoshop?

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I have used this, but today I can't. Created text:5ae5b52648a8e725750230.png
Visible text area for it to expand. It was like this: when you change the size of the area, the text automatically adjust to it. Now when you change you change the height and width. For example (pull right):5ae5b5a467536351758067.png
(pull from below):
Is it possible in Adobe Photoshop (or Ai) to change the text and the text itself is transferred in the region without changing its size?
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You need to enable the Text tool and poke through the text. Appears region - here it and to drag.
And you seem to have pressed Ctrl+T so it will be a transformation. It is possible of course that you do not text and pasted the layer, the raster just.
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