How is the system article with versions for example the website 'Wikipedia' and the like?

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I'm interested in the technical part in the theory of how this is implemented ?
While I think about it is this:

1. Create a table named articles and columns:
a. ID-article;
b. Title of the article;
c. Version of the article;

2. Create another table and id table is tied to the id of the article from the first table.
a. ID-article;
b. The name of the author of the article;
c. Version of the article;
d. article publication date;

Well, look if the version has changed replaced by a new, and, as those who corrects? It turns out constantly new row in the database to create, then the id is changed ?

Give a link if there are articles on this topic.
As well as professional developers solve this problem ?
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One table is sufficient:
ID, Title, Content, Author/Owner, Editor, Created, Modified, Version, Parent version, URL, Type ("Draft" or "Published")

When you save a new version of the article (when you create or fix) - a new record is created.
The URL can be corrected only UNTIL the PUBLICATION of the FIRST draft. Then it is unavailable for editing and is not displayed.
The Type field is always displayed, but can have the status "Published" only for ONE specific version of the article. It will appear on the public.

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