In Woocommerce to add a selection of the city?

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Hello. How in woocommerce to better organize the selection of the city?
There is a shop, which branches in several cities. The remnants of the goods, respectively. As organizovati city on the site so when you select show the products that are in this town?

Until comes the idea to create variations with the city attribute, for example for shoes: city - size:
name: ASICs X:
variations: Moscow - 36 , 5 available
Moscow - 37 , 2 in stock
Omsk - 37 , 3 in stock

Is it right? Geolocation can be determined through some sort of service, then a question to the user, your city is this? if Yes then memorize it and show only those needed variations?

Ready-made solutions are not found, have they? Thank you
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Not sure this is exactly what you need but likely you need

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