Productive recommend a router?

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Have the opportunity to connect GPON instead of adsl, but the price for the connection rather big, I decided to connect with neighbours, dividing the costs for connection and monthly fee for three, the channel is also necessary to equally divide by three. Respectively need a router that can keep a 200 Mbps channel, and share it without a problem on 3 vlana, wi-fi is not mandatory. The Protocol most likely PPPoE. It is desirable that a piece of iron was openwrt-compatible.

Was thinking about Samobor on mini-itx with atom and pfsense is also, but still want a finished device.
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I would recommend Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 (ER-4) for such purposes.
Router based on the powerful Quad-core MIPS64 processor with 1 GHz. The volume of operative memory is 1 GB DDR3. These characteristics of the computational part of the router provide higher performance, allowing you to process more than 3.4 million packets per second. .
+EdgeOs is based on Debian Linux.
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Take Mikrotik Gigabit no options if we need to really work shaper. For example Mikrotik hEX RB750Gr3. You can even gpon providersi not to put, if you know what frequencies the reception-transmission to do its sfp module, but then buy MikroTik RB2011iLS-IN. Write that on the modules D-link DPN-100 working.

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