Aggressive gathering of information about the user via the browser js?

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Aggressive gathering of information about the user via the browser js? There are some free ready-made scripts for data collection of social networks?
There is a paid show where zaregan visitor, you know what search engines are for this ban, but the technical page.
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Collection of information - only for trolling in CA to purchase your product (Or not?)
No need to waste time on those who came simply to potrolit you.

How do I:
hang a brief purpose of the product and text:
"We only sell to those who need it. Everyone else - please do not disturb.
If You are interested and You really need to - fill in the following form:"
and then form into 2 fields and a button "No questions asked".

Everything else - tries did not give up!
The goal is not to gather useless information, and immediately obtain ADEQUATE TARGET customers who will buy with a probability of over 80% REALLY NEED your PRODUCT/SERVICE!
(Or I confuse something?!)

PS: I did not know his name, nickname, gender, age, friends and number of fins, if he suddenly penguin) Bought? Great! -> I am in profit!
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