To set comments for the paragraph on the cms 1C-Bitrix?

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Tell me how to implement the comments of paragraphs are here - (, to 1C-Bitrix?
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And how are your paragraphs?
I would do it on the basis of conventional components comments based on the forum, but for this paragraph need to be in the form of a data object to have some id which could link him to the thread of comments. The most simple method "head" is to keep each paragraph separately as an element of IB, but it's terribly inconvenient. I would do so - even if the paragraph is simply a paragraph (p tag) in the html field DETAIL_TEXT element IB, then, for the client, they can assign using js id based on the id element IB and the number of abazana in the text.
Recorded this id in a data attribute-paraid and again, the js would add to elementom with the attribute data-paraid the opportunity to open popup iframe c, a usual component of the review.
Somehow, in General terms.

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