Remote foreign employer requires to be insured (condition of contract). What to do?

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Good afternoon.

Foreign foreign employer (Europe) offers remote work web developer.

Sent the contract.

In the contract the employee (I) is offered at his own expense to insure (at least for the period of work) with the aim of insurance coverage from two problems:

1. Violation by an employee of the copyright of a 3rd party (while working).
2. In General, the application of their actions any damage to the company (at the time).

It is also said that the responsibility for infringement of copyright perpetual.

And the contract specified a requirement to provide upon request a copy of the insurance policy is concluded for this insurance.

I don't know what to do. Whether there is in Russia such insurance? Moreover, the employer abroad, and I'm going to shape as a Russian IP. And why responsibility for the violation of copyright perpetuity, unless this type of insurance exist? And how much this insurance might cost you, moreover, that to insure me, probably, like SP, and not as individuals?

Is there a reasonable way out of these problems? Do all foreign remote employers require?

The names of the insurance contract:
сommercial general liability insurance cover
professional indemnity insurance cover
and public liability insurance cover.

Here is what they replied:
It is a normal requirement in the UK and our own insurance expects that we should have this type of clause with our suppliers (in this case - you).
I don't know what to answer them. Maybe they have bad insurance, and they need to change it?
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Old the divorce) made it now to the Internet with freelancers.
Offline before asking for a job buy learning materials, and now trying the Internet began to sell insurance. Later, with high probability they are not satisfied with your chosen insurance company and they will gladly show you their "proven".

You are hired to work. Work, it is where you do something useful for the employer and get paid for it. All "is available for your account" - divorce and the money will be there to get the customer with you. A normal employer is not interested in this.

It is better to refuse. Orders a bunch, there are other more appropriate customers.
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If you refuse the customer not an option, add the cost of insurance the cost of the work and the top several tens percent. "Any whim for your money", so to speak.
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Remote foreign employer requires to be insured (condition of contract). What to do?
Tell him that you are not against it.
Of course all expenses on conclusion of insurance contract and payment of insurance premiums borne by the employer.
Ie if he wants to insure your liability is not a problem.
If he wants you to do - politely but firmly explain to your employer where to go.
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It's called professional liability insurance, the practice of many insurance companies for example.

This is a normal requirement of the customer, who would like to obtain any guarantee that in case your actions (violated copyright, or made a critical error which involve losses, etc.) caused damage to the customer, he will receive any compensation for this damage from the insurance company.

However, apparently the customer did not fully understand how to protect themselves, because he wrote a General requirement, which can be formally done by providing the customer with insurance, and not to be in the red... not the agreed terms of insurance, specific risks, amount, etc. significant...

Any insurance is valid for a certain time (indefinite does not happen). Responsibility for violation of copyright is subject to the General Statute of limitations (under Russian law... the contract is subject to Russian law?) - 3 years from the moment of the violation of law (an important point when the violation of rights of third parties -- it may in 10 years to happen, if the code will still be someone to be used... accordingly work 10 + 3 years... and there is not fertile territory for litigation arises...). To obtain insurance for such a long period is not realistic, 5 years maybe, depends on the insurance. Cost, say the example of legal services - insurance 5 million. is about 5-20 Tr a year, I think in the development of the price range is approximately the same.

In practice the customer to take advantage of this insurance will be Oh how hard it is, you will need to go through seven circles of hell, courts of examination, to confirm the size of losses, etc. unpleasant the formalities and all of this in Russia, from which it will receive separate - an unforgettable pleasure (he didn't tell you that the insurance shall operate in the territory of his country, or his country should be a branch of an insurance...)

In our country, incidentally, the practice of more reliable tools for the protection of the financial interests - for example, different forms of security is generally provided in the form of Bank guarantees at any time, there is usually faster, and without the courts going on... so we have insurance, by and large, this "stockpile toilet paper" for a customer, when he will lay))))

In your case the ball is on your side of the field, to communicate with insurance, find out their rates, negotiate with the customer the conditions of the insurance that will suit you... pre-advance, take the customer you not much will protect from the fact that the customer did not run away...
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I do not advise to look for a job developer in the UK. Look in Germany.

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