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The version control system that allows you to create 100% local repository?

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I'm the cowboy who never in my life have used in your project version control system, except for a couple of commits to your pet project on codeplex (back in 2015), instead, just leave comments in the code with your name to quickly find.
But if the change in the level of the entire project - add class, remove - then you know.
Often doing nothing at all, "well, you can always then do something to compare the two versions if you want."

In General my life is built so that it'll go, but for a change I want something to try, and the life you want to reconsider.

However, it is very embarrassing that the services of the repositories like Github or codeplex required to fumble your code at least the admins of the service (and even then, on a private repository there are some limitations for free accounts), and I want locally.

If the version control system without the use of the service all the desired functionality - commit history, a visual comparison of each version?

And another point No. 2: want in the system as much as possible GUI, but if integration with the IDE, at the moment desirable NetBeans, then maybe he will write a plugin if the whole system will be like.
A convenient system is needed. With a minimum of fuss.
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git or mercurial will suit you, they have decentralized systems. i.e. they have no Central repository, each of the raised project in itself, but can be synchronized for some options, usually choose a Central service with which other users are synchronized

Even if only one person works, then the advantage would be to store the source code on which the service so as not to waste and to monitor the development, also the bun that you can raise/deplot of such a repository directly on a production server, hosting (with Plesk + Module GIT). In General, you can use free alternatives such as or
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ANY version control system can be local, if you install it on your local PC.
Most version control systems can work just on the file system, without installing additional services

Try a GIT Integration with an IDE, there are GUI Tools, the same gitk comes.
But the right will learn how to work in command line. It is not too difficult, especially if you want to revise look at something. For a start it will be enough for 1-2 hours to sit on the official website with official documentation (there are in Russian)

PS github is a hosting service for repositories, not the system version control. It is clear that under the hood they use git, but you should separate online server and the system that you can install anywhere.
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