VIM can replace the IDE?

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Set up VIM for Python and Lua. Especially useful to throw the main file.lua immediately in LÖVE2D. In General, while that lack and really like it, there is no need to run Pycharm I have lag, or the same ZeroBrane, whose functionality I don't need. But it's still what? For C++ I use Code::Blocks, but it can not say anything yet, since my max on the cross is HelloWorld. Will I have to learn in the future heavy IDE? What is generally used in large companies, where the project takes hundreds of thousands of lines of code, and sometimes more than a million? I would say that I like the idea of working only with the keyboard, not carry the cursor on the editor, but if it is possible to enable Vim-mode (in Pycharm), I am not against using an IDE, but is it necessary at all?
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I also use Vim instead of an IDE (but for PHP). There is an opinion that Unix itself is a great IDE. Therefore, in addition to Vim, I would recommend you also to master the command line (bash/zsh/fish, I prefer zsh).

What is used in large companies - you can look in the repositories facebook:

1. Codemod. A great utility for carrying out refactoring. Similar to sed, but with color pictures. Written in Python, by the way. I often use it and very happy.

2. Watchman - utility intercepts file system events sapucaya team. It is convenient to run the tests, build, etc. Personally, I prefer her entr

To navigate through large amounts of code are used:


2. The Silver Searcher

BTW. I, for quick access to the command line, run vim through tmux (in one window). As a result, my IDE looks something like this:


Details can be viewed here:

UPD: here is a list of useful plugins that are necessary regardless of YAP:

CtrlP - quick open file.
easymotion - quick navigation in the text
vim-test - run tests from Vim
syntastic - syntax checking
YouCompleteMe is a code completion
ultisnips - snippets of code

Recommend a cool screencast about Vim and the command line: Vim screencasts
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PyCharm really cool and worth the money.
But if he proposes, then Yes, you can use vim as an IDE.
But with all the coolness he's far from PyCharm.
But still, vim is cool. And not lag.

It's your choice.

Of course, you need plugins for vim under the appropriate language.

\rvoronkovich has led some plugins.
but some of them are outdated

in particular there is about ALE instead of syntastic
in particular there is about FZF (or LeaderF if on Windows) instead of CtrlP

as well as vim-figitive, lightline, im-an unimpaired vim-polyglot, vim-surround, vim-commentary, etc.

see also the comments under the article.
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For IDE from JetBrains has a plugin which enables Vim-modes and layout.

And use an IDE or not depends on you or from the policy company.
If you can write code without losing performance and without inconvenience to other team members , please write.
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About pycharm told me that there is Proline adequate output types that delaet development much easier. In vim these things foreign language server, I saw realizaciju only for Idris.

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